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Functionally, Motivo Scar Care™ product development focuses on creating unique scar care treatment products that offer a better fit to the consumer's lifestyle, and have purposeful effects. As a premium brand, every aspect of the brand ethos is showcased within our products: Quality, Purity and Effectiveness. Consumers will find that, when compared to competing products, Motivo Scar Care™ products will last longer, perform more effectively, and enable a better quality of life.

Our commitment as a brand is to address unmet consumer needs and provide solutions for large and under-served consumer segments in the scar care industry. We want to modernize the scar care industry, Motivo Scar Care™ provides more effective products to generate an overall better consumer experience. We’ve leveraged the talents of our diverse team to create a patent pending scar tape dispenser that promotes an on-the-go lifestyle, minimizes waste, and maintains product integrity. We also offer a selection of topicals designed with our proprietary formulas to promote healing. Our products make it easier to get back to normal life while treating your scars.

Giving back to communities and causes that are close to our hearts is paramount to Motivo Scar Care™. Not only can consumers and supporters resonate with our brand’s mission, but we are a brand they can stand behind. With every purchase, not only are they healing themselves, but they are helping to heal others in need.

Motivo Scar Cream
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Motivo Scar Care™ was founded by Jadis Montijo, a FTM transgender entrepreneur. In 2018, Jadis met Dr. Jonathan Keith during a surgical consultation. After Jadis’ first procedure performed by Dr. Keith, Jadis struggled to find a scar tape that would satisfy his aftercare treatment. Products available on the market failed to fit his active lifestyle. After many failed attempts to find a scar tape that would stick, Jadis approached Dr. Keith about teaming up to create life changing innovation in the scar care industry.

Jadis’ first hand experience with the inefficacy of existing scar care treatment after his own top surgery led him to further explore this issue. He found that there is tremendous need for product improvement within this market. Proper healing is a concern for anyone who has experienced any kind of cut, burn, surgical procedure, traumatic injury, disease, or acne scarring. In addition to the physical effects, we believe that an improved experience will contribute to positive changes in mental health, as those with scars tend to undergo emotional shifts and are more prone to the development of depression and anxiety.


Jadis Montijo


The founder of Motivo Scar Care™. He is an FTM transgender entrepreneur from New Jersey. Jadis is a versatile and highly accomplished enterprising visionary in today's modern business environment. Jadis was the Chief Strategy Officer for 7 years of a startup ancillary cannabis company that he, alongside the founder, built to be a multimillion-dollar brand with national and international distribution. Currently, Jadis has a Life, Mindset, Career and Confidence coaching business. He mainly works with LGBTQIA teens and adults, and parents of trans children. His skills and expertise range far beyond this, you do not have to associate with LGBTQIA to be a part of the coaching program. Jadis is co-owner of a brand design and development business called "JJ" that he started with a childhood friend, Jade. JJ lives by “Creating Realities Together”, there is no limitations on the scope of their creative work. He is also the Mentoring Program Director at THC Staffing Group. The Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for experienced cannabis professionals to guide job seekers and entrepreneurs in developing practical skills and a community-based network within the cannabis industry.


You can find out more about Jadis at www.jadismontijo.com

Dr. Jonathan Keith, MD, FACS


The Co-founder of Motivo Scar Care™. Dr. Keith is a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health and founder of the Rutgers Center for Transgender Health. In 2018, Dr Keith founded the first multidisciplinary clinical program for transgender patients in New Jersey. That year, Dr. Keith was the first surgeon in the state to perform a female-to-male phalloplasty for gender affirmation. He has gone on to pioneer and publish his research into novel techniques, outcomes and insurance coverage of gender affirming surgery. He has authored an editorial for USA Today and lectures nationally on the topic. He was awarded the Stephen S. Kroll Fellowship in microsurgery at the University Hospital of Gent, Belgium. He is only the fourth American to earn this distinction. Dr. Keith’s work has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and he values his role as surgeon and teacher of surgical principles and aesthetic ideals in reconstructive surgery.


You can find out more about Dr. Keith at www.jonathankeithmd.com